August Update

Raise the Roof : Progress Report August 2017

Roof Tiles

By  7th August 2017 we had sold a grand total of 331 tiles, which provides a total donation of: £6,620.00.

This is a fantastic situation and a big thanks to everyone who has contributed. The tiles which have been purchased so far have been marked up on the diagram which is on display in the Church.

Roof Donations

There is a separate fund for donations to the roof replacement costs, which was set up in October 2016 shortly after the lead was stolen. Currently this stands at: £11,916.00

This shows the generosity of local people in terms of time given to fund raising events, or donations of money.

Other News

Last week we made a second application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, our first submission was unsuccessful, however we received some useful feedback on where we had gone wrong, and this time we were aided by a consultant who has a proven track record with these applications. So “fingers crossed”, we understand that we should know the outcome in November this year.

October will mark the first anniversary of the theft of the lead from the roof, and to mark this “auspicious occasion” we intend to run another event at the Church, when the tower will be open and people will be able to see the tile sale progress, and if they wish purchase some more. Bear in mind Christmas will not be far away and Ownership Certificates could make unique presents!