Let’s Raise The Roof!

St. Leonard’s : Raise the Roof Fund

As residents of Grendon Underwood know the majority of the lead was stolen from the roof of the church in October 2016, and there is currently a fund raising exercise in progress to meet the estimated repair cost of £200,000.

At this time the Fund Raising Committee are preparing applications for grants from various organisations and charities.

In order that local people can become involved we intend to launch a new event on 8th July, at the church, which will allow you to purchase an area of the roof as a contribution towards the overall cost.

We have estimated that the roof area is 113 m², however, in order to simplify the arithmetic we intend to offer 100 m² which will provide 1000 – 1 foot x 1 foot units for sale, we will charge £20 for each unit. For each unit purchased we will produce a certificate which will record the reference of the area bought. Furthermore, when the scheme is up and running, we intend to hold a free monthly draw of all purchased units with the successful owner receiving a small prize.

We hope that people, who would not like to see the church close, will take up this initiative.

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